unveils the Web-based Embux Intelligent System

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Embux unveils the Web-based Embux Intelligent System - EiS

Embux Co. Ltd., a trusted ARM-based solutions provider, launches its latest Embux Intelligent System - EiS 1.0, an intelligent system combined with both patented hardware design and web services with GUI interface and remote management capabilities. EiS was designed to minimize maintenance and system down time to save cost and deploy easily. Users can simply enjoy the benefits of EiS or integrate it into their applications through the APIs offered. EiS is a best for industrial IIoTIIoT, factory automation, machine automation and ruggedized applications.



Realtime Hardware/Software Status Monitoring

With the embedded MCU on Embux products, real time platform status can be easily accessed for both hardware and software information, including system hangs. The EiS can monitor the temperature, voltage, current, power consumption, storage space, number of system boots, and system up/down time through Internet or Intranet. Furthermore, EiS can monitor the operating system, software responsiveness, Ethernet throughput, collect data from external sensors and report to users based on the pre-configured policies to make the system robust and healthy.


Maintenance Free Cloud-based Remote Management

Nowadays, products applied in various applications and even in extreme environments to check on-site, and the costs of maintenance have risen significantly. With the data collected and sent to the cloud for analysis, or the automatic notifications available to EiS users, enhanced reliability and extended system up time becomes possible. EiS also offers the option for users to remotely restart their system, restore the operating system or backup data in the event of a crash. If a device or interface malfunctions, EiS can specifically enable or disable it without restarting the whole system and maintain functionality of the rest of the system.


Cross Platform, Intuitive Design and API compatible

EiS works independently whether the operating system is Linux or Android. It uses the realtime operating system embedded in the MCU as the engine to collect, filter, and digest data from system or external sensors. For scalability, EiS is designed with HTML5 for higher compatibility, easier layout editing and implementation of custom features. Map view topology is now also introduced in EiS, enabling users to intuitively locate the system(s) they would like to check or change settings. Ready-to-use APIs accelerate integration with existing cloud services portals, databases, and applications, which fits well in fast-moving business environments.


Main Features
  • Hardware/Software Monitoring

  • System Auto Alarm

  • Remote Control

  • Operation System Recovery

  • Map view topology

  • Scalability and APIs ready