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Embux Announces Full Product Compatibility with Android 5.0

Embux Technology Co. Ltd., a trusted ARM-based solutions provider, is announcing that all Embux products such as Single Board Computer, Box PC, and Panel PC are now compatible with Android 5.0. Embux has added Android 5.0 to the range of compatible operating systems, which include Linux, Window Embedded Compact, and Android 4.4. As an open source operating system, Android possesses the flexibility needed to develop customized applications from scratch, or based on source code available on the Internet. It also supports development and operation with peripheral hardware and communications devices such as touch displays, and is highly suitable for IOT, POS/kiosk, and video monitoring/streaming.

Since Android 4.0, the performance of web and other applications has been greatly improved, and new support for multi-touch and cloud printing has been added. Third party applications can sync with files in cloud storage more quickly and intuitively.

In Android 5.0, Google has resolved long standing issues in WiFi AP access and proxy server connections; the error of devices being unable to start after opening ADB has also been fixed. New improvements and advantages of Android 5.0 include:


All New Material Design Interface

With new design guidelines, borderless visual elements, and a true to life aesthetic, Android app developers can design experiences that are more intuitive and integrated across all devices.


Improved Notifications Drawer and Priority Mode

You can set which notifications will be visible on a locked screen, or what information is hidden in notifications. The priority of app notifications can also be set, so that fewer interruptions occur when using other apps.


Compiling with ART Instead of Dalvik

To improve performance and support a variety of resolutions including 2K and 4K, compiling with ART can improve efficiency by up to 400%. Apps running in the background can also be compressed for more effective multi-tasking.


Better Security

The system now forces all apps to use SELinux as an added precaution against the exploitation of vulnerabilities and attacks from malicious software.
With Android Smart Lock, devices will only unlock when paired with authorized devices such as wearables.
With Android 5.0 support, Embux products will provide a more efficient, secure, and stable development platform that is even more suitable for IOT applications. Software developed on Android 5.0 will be easily transferrable to the forthcoming Android M, which shares the 5.X numbering or 6.x and is designed for IOT. This prevents difficulties that would arise from transferring development from a 4.X version of Android. For more information, contact us at info@embux.com.